Challenge #2 was something that held me anxious for quite some time. The last time I did a food related challenge, it left me scarred from ever laying my tongue on anything berry flavoured for years!

I thought it’d be fun. Genuine NYC All-American hotdogs do sound heaps more appealing! Well that’s what I thought…


  • Buy a hotdog at every NYC hotdog stand you walk past
  • Add whatever condiments you like, or even have it plain if you want, but you must finish the entire hotdog (bun and sausage) to add to count
  • You must finish the hotdog before buying your next
  • Repeat with as many stands as possible
  • Throwing up disqualifies you from the challenge!

A useful tip is to have bottled water prepared. I had my first 3 hotdogs without drinking any water. Got cotton mouth from all the bread I ate! :(

Stay tuned next week for challenge #3!