I hope everybody got to spend their Christmas season celebrating with the ones that matter :) I would like to wish everybody a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! May your heart be filled with laughter and your tummies go unhungered.

This Christmas season has been an absolute treat for me thus far, spending time in a beautiful new apartment which overlooks the Kuala Lumpur cityscape, all whilst spending valuable memories with my much beloved family.

And to top it off, a grand feast of a Christmas banquet as prepared by the gorgeous ladies of our household.

And with the joyous festivities of giving coming round to a close, I’m much obliged to share with you the mouth-watering photos our celebration last night!

We started off with round of Cheese & Crackers and a large tray of Crossaints.

Followed by a serve of Baby Wieners & another serve of Golden Chicken Nuggets.

A colorful serving of Uncle Ah Han’s Nonya Kuih…

… and luscious Yam Cake.

Also served was salads & pasta..

… and Tish’s signature homemade Duck Risotto!

And even with all that food, somehow Christmas never feels completely complete until the oven beeps, the platters aligned, and the foils removed. Let the carving begin…

The Garlic & Lime Baked Chicken.

Roast Beef & Gravy.

And a glorious Turkey with Glutinous Rice & Chestnut stuffing!

Let the feasting BEGIN!

Hah, that wasn’t all. Stuffing my face would be an understatement at this point, since there was still desert yet to come.

A beautiful baked Apple Crumble, optionally served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

And lots of butter-full Cupcakes & sweet sweet Macaroons.

“Yum!” was the extent of my vocabulary all night long.

After dinner, gifts placed under the Christmas tree were exchanged as the laughter of kids & adults alike filled the room with joyful spirit.

And an impromptu performance by my youngest sister Kye Tamm on the guitar, and me on the Ukulele, while we serenaded the stuffed tummies of rest of the family!

I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful blue 2011 Christmas celebration. Thank you all & God bless.

Merry Christmas & many happy returns from AdamTam.com!