I clearly remember when my interest in web development began; I was only 10 years old.

There was no such thing as Broadband or ADSL. The familiar buzz of a 56k modem through the Windows Dial-Up application was so distinct, I can even repeat it now. Beeeep, booooop, buuuuuuup… beep bip bip beep.

Heh… back then, the term mobile didn’t mean small. It literally meant portable.

It weighs only 30 ounces!

Geocities and Angelfire were the equivalent of what BlogSpot and WordPress are now.

Users had the ability to customize their webpages, have a unique profile ID, and use countless free web templates.

Yes, the internet back then was still THAT cool!

I remember lots of shiny animated backdrops on Geocities.

On top of having a keen fascination in web development, my prime interest revolved around the pop-culture phenomenon: Pokemon.

I just had to catch ‘em all.

I had the games. The cards. The books. The VCDs. The toys. All I needed was a Pokemon website.

I remember coming home from school, locking myself in my room, and channelling all my time and energy to making one kick-ass Pokemon Website.

And I named it PokEvolution.Net.

I drafted the PokEvolution website a copeous amount of times.

Information re-edits, multiple layout swaps, top sites referrals.

I even had staff members working with PokEvolution.

My alias was Frezz01.

I would spend hours on end locked up in my room engrossed to my computer screen.

Hmm… I can only imagine what my parents might’ve thought I was doing.

“Studying” of course.
[img src: Asians Sleeping In The Library]

There was no such thing as CSS.

PHP was still a language in its development stages.

Online applications used CGI scripts.

I learnt to read HTML code using Microsoft Front Page 98.

The internet has transformed so much since then. But although these changes happen, my interest in web technologies still remains.

Nowadays, you can find numerous top do-it-yourself web design services all over the net.

If you check out Wix review, you’ll even find a fully customisable free flash-template website builder ready to go at your finger tips.

I don’t remember having this kind of luxury back in the day!

Archive.org’s Wayback Machine lets you find old cached websites dating back to the mid-90’s!

Although services like these are so readily available, I am still very much intact with my inner geek.

Given the choice, I would choose to code a website independently, regardless of how much more time it will take.

Like any art form, the satisfaction you feel when you spend weeks or months building a page to absolute perfection is what keeps me driven.

I have always been hipster like that!